Mental health and wellbeing support guides for

(Published on 09/09/2019)

In advance of the Every Mind Matter launch event, and in response to calls from front line staff/volunteers and need to continue to raise awareness of the local Mental health systems.

We are proposing to produce a first version of a Simple, straightforward Adult (18+) Mental Health community services ‘pathway’ resource AND NEED YOUR URGENT HELP.

Inspired by the Dementia community services guide, we would like to ask for submissions of details for formal NHS services, commissioned providers and funded groups/activities that directly aim to support people with mental health and wellbeing needs. We are producing one for Middlesbrough and one for Redcar so please ensure to e-mail me back with the following information? (no guarantees on inclusion at this point as we need to understand the numbers first).

Please note that the document will only be as up to date as the information printed on it, and is also a first run, and will be updated in the future. The documents will also feature an end date (likely 31st March 2020 for this run) to cease use of its current version and be replaced by a new update. We expect the information and quality of the content to improve in terms of the broadest and most useful format over time, following evaluation.

  • Name of Service

  • Nature of service – e.g. one to one counselling, arts therapy, crisis support, mental health training etc

  • Areas of coverage : Middlesbrough/Redcar or Both?

  • Very short description of service including Target group, timings, location and referral specifics if required

  • Contact name, e-mail and tel number if relevant

I thank you for your prompt replies in advance and ask for the information to be submitted to me at prior to 5pm on Thursday 19th September 2019.