Accessibility Statement

Middlesbrough Council takes accessibility to Middlesbrough Matters very seriously and is fully committed in its efforts to ensure the site is accessible to all.


In order to achieve this Shaw Trust was commissioned to carry out a full accessibility check of the site and to identify any actions that needed implementing. The latest check of the site was undertaken in the summer of 2016 and work continues to be undertaken both within the Council and with the platform providers OCC to implement these changes. Every effort has also been made to ensure the system is fully compatible with assistive technology though there may still be some problems for keyboard only users which we are trying to rectify. If needed you can download an NVDA (non visual desktop access) for free (open in a new tab or window)


While improvements with accessibility to Middlesbrough Matters continues to be made please understand that because of the way the system works we are limited in what can be controlled. Middlesbrough Matters relies on each service having a 3rd party user registered on the system who is responsible for putting in their own information on that service. This can sometimes lead to accessibility problems, particularly with headers. If you experience any of these please use the contact tab at the top of the home page to let us know.


3rd party users are asked to do a number of things to maintain accessibility including putting a full written description of any images or logos they upload. If you find any of these missing please report it using the contact tab at the top of the home page. They are also asked to add a link to adobe reader to any PDF documents they put on the system however if they haven’t done that you may need to download adobe reader software (opens in a new tab or window)


There may be word documents on the system, if you need help use Support to view any Microsoft Word document (opens in a new tab or window)


For none English readers there is a language translator at the top of the home page.